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Father's Day bow tie- custom embroidery in your child's handwriting

Father's Day bow tie- custom embroidery in your child's handwriting

$ 78.00


Not your average Father's Day tie.

Turn your child's favorite doodle or handwritten phrase into a beloved keepsake tie that'll be treasured for years to come.  


Self tie: tie it yourself each time you wear it.  Can also be sent along pre-tied with a hook if desired- just leave the phrase "pee wee me" in the orders notes section.

100% handmade:  Chainstitch embroidery with a hand-cranked machine and some details done by hand too.  =)

Choose your neck size, bow tie shape, and fabric color.  Thread color will be as shown (orange with the Navy linen, red with the grey cotton stripe, and navy with the aqua chambray) unless requested otherwise.  If you want a combo not shown here, get ahold of me at, I'm happy to customize these however you'd like!

Please send the doodle or phrase you'd like embroidered to  Please also include your order number (replying to your order confirmation e-mail works great!).  Please choose something simple and legible.  Complicated designs don't transfer well.  Chain stitch lines are wider than written lines, so keep that in mind.  I will adjust the size of the phrase or doodle to fit the tie- but most designs will be on one side of the bow.

Made to order: Turnaround time on these custom ties is 3-5 business days.  Standard shipping is free to US addresses and generally takes 3-5 business days (I'm in Southern California).  Expedited shipping is available at checkout for an additional fee.


Please reach out to me at with any questions or inquiries.  =)



Mother's Day version available here: