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Palm Springs bow tie

Palm Springs bow tie

$ 86.00


Cacti and breeze blocks and MCM, oh my!


I know.  I love Palm Springs as much as the next gal.  There's an energy there that's both laid-back and top shelf.  Last time I was there I took note of all my my favorite Palm-Springsie-things and then chain stitched those things onto this tie.  Chain stitching is done on a hand guided chain stitch machine- each tie is totally unique.

Each side of the tie is different and will tie up in a variety of combinations.


Self tie!  Tie it yourself each time you wear it, for ease of use, feel free to request it sent pre-tied by using the phrase "pee wee me" in the order notes section.

Hand wash or dry clean only: cotton polyester mix main fabric with cotton and wool embroidery.  Hot iron ok.

Comes with goodies!  Locally sourced souvenir items from my latest trip will be included. =)

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